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"I can not put into words what this Unladyhike trip did for my mind, body and soul! I did something I have never done before: I said YES! to going away for a long weekend, with girls I had never met in person before, to hiking, to going rock climbing, to opening up to girls who didn’t know me. It opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities and gave me more confidence to conquer this crazy world!! I gained friends that I will never forget and will cherish forever!! Can’t wait for the next adventure and for more Unladylike girls to join us!!!!"


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"Laura has created such an evolved culture for women through Unladylike- the post-patriarchal culture we all want to live in! I went on the camping retreat, and learned that I am capable of so much more than I ever allowed myself to think I could be. I made fast friends with strangers, helped set up a campsite, slept in a tent for three nights, peed basically on the edge of a mountain, and climbed a fucking cliff face multiple times. This retreat and the women I met have changed the course of my life forever!!"


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"Working with Laura is like talking to your BFF who helps you realize what you already know but are too afraid to admit. She will gently nudge you in the direction that your heart is already leading you. Somehow, she knows what you need before you even know. She provides support, encouragement, and unconditional love.

Since working with Laura, I feel awakened. I am unapologetically myself. I’ve let go of things I didn’t even know were holding me back. If you want to lead a more authentic life, connect with Laura, you won’t be sorry!"


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"Immediately into the program I felt better. I didn’t realize how unhealthy my body was! When I couldn’t walk without a walker (due to a neurological disorder) I really missed working out so I have enjoyed getting my strength back and being able to decrease the amount of medication I am on! My mind is also a lot clearer.

Laura is a fabulous listener and encourages people to be courageous and step outside of themselves for growth not only physically but also psychologically. The combination of the two has been life altering."


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“The Unladylike Virtual Retreat was amazing! Overall it was a thrill to dance with all my home-girls and get a tutorial for my hair and makeup while also learning what’s good for your skin. I loved learning more about my body and how I can keep helping her and rewarding her.“


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"The retreat was such an uplifting experience for me. I felt so supported in every way. Taking the time to learn more about taking care of myself was so valuable. I loved sharing this with other women and being able to connect with each other. I am so looking forward to doing this again. I can’t thank you enough for having this retreat and I look forward to coming to many more."



“While working with Laura, along with my personal trainer, I have lost 52 lbs and am doing workouts that I was never able to do before. I’ve worked with dietitians and nutrition coaches in the past but Laura gave me the most realistic and​ helpful suggestions and tips. 

Through the program I really felt like she wanted to help me, not just with healthy eating but in all aspects. My weight has always been a struggle but I feel this year I have finally grasped it and found something I can do long term that’s healthy and not restrictive like fad diets. Now I’m much more consistent and I have learned to surround myself with positive people and create healthy boundaries.” 


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The combination of nature, female bonding, affirmation, attention and care [at Laura's retreat] all provided me with things I was missing in my life. It was a step forward in healing from recent traumas, and I’m so grateful that I went. Laura was ...attentive, caring, and so dedicated.


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"The [retreat] experience was incredible and everything I needed... In the weeks leading up to the retreat, I began to doubt my decision and get super nervous... All the self doubt and fears crept in. Laura was amazing and coached me through it all.

I felt so much love the entire trip and at the end of seven days, I was not ready to come home!... I can't say enough about how wonderful this was for me. If you ever have a chance to do a retreat or coaching with Laura, DO IT! Don't hesitate. Just sign up and just do it! You won't regret it!"


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"I can still remember the first time Laura said to me, 'Oh, you ate your feelings.' She helped me lose weight and become more fit, yes. But she has also helped change my thinking toward food, exercise, and myself. I have always been active, but post-college my weight would go up, then I'd diet it down until I hit a number. Thanks to Laura, I'm practicing self-care rather than torturing myself to get to a scale reading (and those readings are much more stable)."


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"I have been pain and symptom free for over a year. [Laura] has helped me transform my own health and has made such a lasting impact on my outlook. I highly recommend 180 Health and all of Laura's services from training, reiki, diet and herbal protocols, as well as her retreat weekends. She is a wealth of knowledge with many facets to her business all designed and practiced with total healing in mind!"


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"If I had not met Laura Siebert, I would have never enjoyed the experiences of the two retreats that she hosted... Ms. Siebert is a practitioner who imparts her knowledge on wellness, life, and self-appreciation. She is an inspirational gem. She creates retreats and environments that are unique." 


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"Working with Laura made me feel good about everything. She never shut me down or was upset if I fell off my eating plan. I tend to shut down when I feel I need to be defensive, and Laura was very encouraging and gave me phenomenal support and always checked on me.

I feel so much better physically- my feet don’t hurt, my hand is much better and I don’t nearly have the joint pain that I used to. My digestion is so much better and I know what foods work for me. I no longer feel like I need to see a doctor and thankfully I have avoided having to take Methotrexate for my Rheumatoid Arthritis. I’m ready to move forward and start working out now!"


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"When I started with Laura I was down and depressed. Having her in my corner has felt like a loving peace and the coaching always turned on a light bulb for me. I was able to be vulnerable when we were together and the coaching gave me strength and love. I used to think that I couldn’t commit to anything, but now I’ve really learned that I am committed and dedicated to whatever I desire. When I started with Laura it felt like I was in a dark room but now I feel like the sun is out!" 


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"I was suffering from constipation, stomach pain, and cramping as well as low energy and an inability to lose weight. I no longer suffer from constipation and absolutely NO bloating, cramping, or pain! I've also lost 16 lbs which just seemed to fall off while feeling so much better at the same time!"


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"I'm down 25 pounds since we (Laura & I) met. It's great. I'm definitely stronger but, it's also the mind component. I know when I'm lying to myself about what I am eating. I'm mindful, not perfect. But that's the challenge, continued improvement."


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"I have suffered from Sjogrens, Scleroderma and IC. Here I am, months later, symptom free, 15 pounds lighter -- and I feel 10 years younger! My energy level increased over time and I no longer needed to lay down in the afternoon. When I went up and down the stairs, I didn’t get short of breath and my knees weren’t crunching and hurting. My eyes weren’t dry, I used to live on eye drops! This is the best I have felt in years! Laura was the key to changing my mindset, she held my hand, and she walked me through step by step. I will always be grateful to her for this."


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"I would just like to express my sincere gratitude for Laura assisting me in achieving higher levels of wellness in my life! Her coaching, creative ideas, dietary guidance, and insight all helped me be more mindful of making the best choices. She also rocks at Reiki!"


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"My reiki session, guided by Laura, was a transformative experience in that I felt totally connected to a layer of energy I otherwise could not access on my own. In each session, I have accessed a profound sense of clarity that I am able to take with me. Laura offers the warmest, most sincere guidance while she easily relates and connects with you in the most authentic manner. My intention for Reiki was to achieve a deeper understanding of the energies passing through my body, as they are tied to my emotion. Laura seamlessly supports my journey to connect deeper with myself, while providing a loving sense of community whenever I am in her space. The power of Reiki has become essential to keeping my spirit grounded while it has allowed me to further trust what is meant to be."


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"I barely knew about Reiki when I decided to accept Laura’s offer. I had zero expectations and surprisingly found it to be one of the most impactful experiences of my life.

I now understand everyone has different experiences with reiki, but mine was certainly profound. For me, I found myself having dream-like visions that addressed issues I was having in my life. In retrospect, these “issues” were “limiting beliefs” that were blocking me from moving forward in my life and business. These visions provided clarity as to what perspective I needed to move forward. I was completely blown away by the clarity and comfort this experience gave me.

Today I find myself with clarity and confidence in my journey towards success and I must thank Laura for helping me with this. I highly recommend Laura. She is extremely talented and I’m incredibly grateful the experience I had with her. Truly remarkable." 

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